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asked March 14th 2018

Paul’s moist chocolate cake

I am trying to figure out which chocolate to use to make Paul's moist chocolate cake. I was thinking about Lindt's dark 70 % , but it is full of different ingredients... and more pricy . What if I use Baker's premium baking bars? It says semi - sweet chocolate 56% cacao. Do you think it will work? I want to try this recipe so much, bought an online teddy bear cake tutorial, just don't want to mess things up. Please, share your chocolate ingredient experience ))))


Hi Baking58

Buying bars of chocolate ends up being much more expensive than using a good brand couverture like Callebaut or Belcolade. Paul uses Belcolade but he has also tried different brands. As long has it has approx 50% cocoa solids it will be fine. If it's too high in cocoa solids you may find the cake turns out a little on the dry side or a little bitter. Google the chocolate brands by name to see suppliers. If you need any more information just post back. 🙂


Can you recommend some sites/sellers to buy Belcolade or Callebaut? I've been buying from Amazon mostly, still looking for some cheaper bulk options. Thank you for your prompt answer ))


Try the following and use their own search bar for the products by name:



The Cake Decorating Company will give bulk discount too, you can talk to them on their chat tab.


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