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asked June 7th 2012

Peony flower

Hi, I’m using firefix and I can’t see it either


Hi, I’m using firefix and I can’t see it either


Same here bailey, I’ve tried google and it plays intermittently. I’ve emailed David, waiting for a reply. I wonder could it be to do with the stormy weather?


Mine is playing ok (internet explorer) but maybe it has been fixed.


We still appear to be having problems with the Peony lessons. I’ve been in touch with Paul Doffman, our IT support, who will look into it as soon as possible. It’s challenging as it seems to be intermittent and behaves differently in the three main browsers.

We will post here and on Facebook as soon as we’ve resolved the problem.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Kind regards, David


Just tried viewing the tutorial at 10pm, using Internet Explorer, and it was ok, didn’t work for Safari though.



Sorry to everyone having trouble viewing this course. I’ve been taking another look at it and have managed a work around to what seems to one of those very odd little problems.

You should hopefully all now be able to view the play list videos in chrome, firefox, internet explore and Safari. However there is still a small glitch with the slide over at the side of the playlist that lets you select the lessons. You can still use it but its just ¬†showing the top 3rd of it so its a little tricky. I’ll try and get this sorted but at least you should all be able to view the course now.

Please let me know if you do have any more problems.


Paul Doffman

Customer Support

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