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asked February 10th 2015

period of keeping ganache

for how long can I keep the ganache in the fridge? and is it possible to put it in the freezer and if possible for how long?


There is a blog on page 3mall about ganache.

I have tried to copy link but can't get it to work on my iPad.
It was written by made it with love.



Hello dodi

This is the blog which Jackie is referring to:
Ganache can be frozen for three months. To prevent freezer burn and absorbption of food smells, it must be wrapped in heavy duty food bags and stored in an airtight container.
Ganache is one of the most frequently discussed topics in Q & A , to see the discussions type in the above search box 'ganache', 'how to store ganache' 'ganache coverd cake' . By throwing in lots of key words you should be able to access valuable information which members have contributed and which will be helpful to you.

@ jackieharris, thank you so much for helping xx


@dodi, yes the ganache can be stored in the fridge, again very well wrapped and placed in an airtight container, well away from funky food smells. Will keep for a couple of weeks or what ever the expiry date of the cream.


thank you very much

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