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asked August 3rd 2021

Pink coloured cake

I need to make a baby pink cake can I use the Mrs Jones vanilla cake recipe(never fails) with just egg whites? Or can you suggest an other recipe.


Hi NinaBijou10

If you take out the yolks from Mrs Jones’ recipe it will no longer be her fail safe recipe. In which case, it would be better to use a recipe specifically formulated for egg whites or for white velvet cake. Here’s Liz Marek’s recipe which has great reviews:


There are many other Angel cake recipe to explore too and worth experimenting with on a small scale.

For a cake with yolks, the other day I used Mary Berry’s Battenberg cake recipe with a reduced raspberry purée to make pink cake. It came out a lovely colour without the raspberry taste.

All I did was, boiled down a punnet of raspberries, no extra sugar, to half their weight, sieved to take out the pips and used the cooled purée directly into the batter, ensuring to mix in the colour thoroughly. Once baked, I removed a thin layer of the baked crust to reveal a lovely pink colour.

Hope suggestions help. 🙂


Thank you for your suggestion I did try the recipe you suggested today but it failed I will try again.


If the Liz Marek’s white cake recipe failed for you, why not just try a normal Victoria sponge recipe? I used Lurpak butter with the Battenberg recipe. It’s a whiter butter which lessens the yellowness of the batter and allows colour to take better. 🙂