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asked November 1st 2013

Piping ganache

Could I please have a recipe for piping ganache please? I'd like it to be quite solid and stay in place but not necessarily go hard.


Hello Dibartlett

To make piping ganache enough to fill and cover 6" cake:

300g dark chocolate 50%
260ml double cream
40ml your choice of liqueur
60g soft butter

Make ganache with boiled cream and Chocolate. When chocolate has melted add softened butter and gradually combine, add liqueur, combine until smooth. When the liqueur is first added the ganache will look split, it isn't, just keep combining gently and it will come together, it will also be quite liquid/runny. Don't whisk as you'll incorporate too much air into the mix. If you don't want to use liqueur omit it and just use equal quanitites of chocolate and cream, add butter etc.
Cover the surface of your runny ganache with cling film, expel any air and leave to set overnight, no need to refrigerate. The following day you'll have smooth silky ganache ready for piping. For maximum flavour use a good quality chocolate. Tip for piping ganache is fill two separate bags, when one begins to get very soft from the heat of your hands swap over to keep the consistency even.


Hi Madewithlove,
Read ua comment on piping ganache.can u please help me out to understand, as in how to decide the ratios of choc n cream n butter n liquor when we r not using only choc n cream


Hello Decake

In the above little recipe I used dark chocolate which sets up firm quickly. In this case I wanted a softer ganache but one which could be piped. Instead of using the usual crumbcoat recipe I used equal quantities of chocolate and liquid which is made up of double cream and alcohol and 10% butter of the total ingredients. I don't use any particular recipe, I just make the ganache, cool it and look at the consistency. If it's too hard I soften the ganache and add more softened butter or if it's too soft add a little more melted chocolate. The important thing is not to add too much butter because it can make the emulsion break and become oily. If you need any more help just post again.

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