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asked June 30th 2012

Plain flour or Self Raising flour or both??

Whilst I make a good vanilla sponge with just Self Raising flour, some recipes call for plain and self raising flour to be added.  Why is this? does it make a better sponge? and by using all plain flour with baking powder how does this differ from a self raising sponge?


USA recipes seem  to state to use plain flour(all purpose) plus baking powder.  I believe there is no difference between that and our self raising.

Madeira cake uses both plain and self raising flour whilst sponge is just self raising flour.  I think the plain flour makes a denser cake that is easier to carve.


You have a good answer from Jayess, but in addition, because a plain and self raising flour mix produces a denser cake it also has a longer life. Maderia cake will last at least two weeks ( a week to decorate and a week to eat), where as a sponge cake will stale within a week.


Thank you to both, especially valuable to know it makes carving easier and info on its shelf life! I shall be experimenting 🙂

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