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asked March 8th 2018

Please help Asap cake on the go! Scalling down choc cake recipie

Hello, Just using your cake recipes calculator trying to scale the chocolate cake down to a 8 and a 6 inch. my scales only shows whole numbers how do you work out for example 1.7 of an egg? or 0.4 of a teaspoon?



Hi Steph

When there's a fraction it is normal practice to round up or down to the nearst whole number. In this case your 1.7 eggs becomes 2 eggs and the 0,4 teaspoon becomes 0.5 teaspoon or which is half a teaspoon.

Hope this helps. 🙂


Thank you! Also At the end of part 6 of the video paul says he normally leaves the cakes in their tins. Does he freeze them like this or do you have to take them out of the tins before freezing. Thanks xx


I think Paul chills his before unmoulding from the tins. I always partially freeze the cake before unmoulding. It makes it easier for layering and filling and also helps reduce crumbs during ganaching. x

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