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asked October 2nd 2012

? Polystyrene Cone

What is the size of the polystyrene cone for the chocolate wrap cake, having trouble finding one as my both my local craft shops have closed down 🙁 I am now on ebay but there are so many to choose from, help..


Hi Treacle

Paul made the cone for the CWC with card. It is 4″ in diametre. He cut a circle from card which I think is around 12″. He then folded the circle in half, cut it and with the semi circle made a witches hat. For the Angel cake the cone is 6″ in diametre and 9″ high. There may be other answers from member who have made this cake. Hope this info helps. You can get cones from Surbiton Sugar Art on line, so you will need a cone 4″ in diametre. x


Hi madeitwithlove,

many thanks for the information, i will also go and have a look at Surbiton Sugar Art on line, x


I neglected to say that Surbiton Sugar Art don’t show all their products online so it would be worth giving them a call. I know they have the cones, I saw them when I visited the store a few weeks ago.

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