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asked February 4th 2013

polystyrene dummy cakes

Hi, is it better to buttercream/ganache/marzipan the polystyrene cake before putting on fondant as you would with a real cake or do you get a good enough finish without and just use some apricot jam to allow the fondant to stick. Thank you.


Hi Delish. I usually brush the polystyrene cake with a little water before placing the fondant on top. This will stick on perfectly. I usually let it dry overnight before decorating it. If you want to stick the dummy cake to a cake drum, place a little royal icing (or buttercream) onto the drum and place the dummy cake on top.Hope this helps


Hi Delish

I cover mine with a thin coat of marzipan first to conceal any blemishes in the styrofoam. I think it gives a smoother finish to the fondant. I just wet the foam and cover with marzipan, let it dry overnight so it hardens a little then wet it with a little vodka before dressing with fondant. I prefer to stick the dummy on a drum with a little ganache. Just another idea, hope it helps.


Hi delish

If im doing mine for additional height on a cake i use what ever i am doing on the rest of the cake. I have used buttercream and it works well. however if you want it as a display dummy i would use the marzipan as madeitwithlove suggests.
hope it helps sharon


Hi, thank you for your replies, i have some marzipan left over from Christmas cakes, and as there are a couple of imperfections on the polystyrene I think this will be the best option. Thanks again Carol 🙂

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