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asked September 17th 2013

poured ganache

Hi i was wondering have you ever use poured ganache on cakes or what are the benifits or bad points of using poured ganache and do you use the same ratio of chocolate to cream? Does it set hard and can it be used under fondant?
Thank you in advance


There’s a recipe here from madeitwithlove. You would use this when you wanted a glossy chocolate finish on top of the cake so you wouldn’t normally cover it with fondant. http://www.cakeflix.com/questions/glossy-ganache


Hi lilyc

Pouring ganache doesn’t set up in the same way as the ganache we use for crumb coating and decorating so it’s not really suitable under fondant. You can use 60g butter if you want, I was just being a little cautious when I posted the recipe in the link. To make, pour hot cream over chocolate and add butter, wait for the melting to start and gradually mix until all combined. I pour mine on very chilled cakes to give a glossy finish. When it sets up it will have a fudge consistency. This can also be left to set ( will be the consistency of thick cream) for a really lovely silky cake filling. If left to set place cling film on the ganache expelling any air, there’s no need to refrigerate. When set use to fill the cake and spread any left over around the sides and top, decorate with a serrated scraper, add any other decorations. I also add about 40ml liqueur during the melting.


I should have said place the cake on a cooling tray and have a drip tray underneath to catch the excess which can be poured back on for an extra coating. If the coating begins to thicken up too quickly you can use the cool setting of the hair drier for a few seconds to gently melt the chocolate smooth. Don’t get too close to the cake with it.


thank you for such a great detailed answer, it is a great help. I think i will just go with the usual ganache for a while until i get a bit more experience 🙂

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