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asked September 6th 2012

primrose blog

hi i have been trying to watch the primrose blog, but there are lots of different ones. i.e. a dog, Paul telling us about different courses etc. they are good, but I would like to see the Primrose. Can anyone help?


Hi Jackie, sorry I can’t even find the primrose. Each time I put a search in to the blog I get the spitfire cake! lol


Hi Jackie

I watched the primrose on the blog but now I can’t access it either, however, you can see it on youtube! so just click on youtube logo and you’ll be straight into the tutorial.


Hi all,

Sorry about that we embeded a play list not the video. When we first embeded it it looked like the video as the playlist started from that video but since then we have added new videos to the playlist. Anyway is working now 🙂 here is the link


I’ll be adding some categories to the blog really soon so things are easier to find .


Paul Doffman
Customer Support

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