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asked September 30th 2012

problems when i cover my cake whit fondant

I have a very common problem when I cover a cake with fondant, in the parts where the filling goes is noticeable bulges a is ugly because the cake by his side is lumpy. What can i do ? What i do wrong?


I always bake my cakes the day before, wrap them in cling film when cool and then leave them to settle overnight. The next day I fill the cake and then give it a good press down all over the top so any excess filling squeezes out the side. I then crumb coat the sides, give it another firm press down and then go around the sides with a side scraper. I then crumb coat the top and cover with fondant. Hope that helps!


You can also fill with butter cream but crumb coat with ganache for a much smoother finish and no battling with the bulge!

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