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asked September 1st 2012

Problems with Q & A

Does anyone else get the textfrom the questions and answers going

Right across the page and becoming mixed up with text on the right hand side?


Hi Jgibb

Yes, I noticed this in the middle of last week, it is a problem with the site which is being addressed.

You’ll notice also that names of members does not appear when a question has been answered.

Whatever the problem is, it appears to be taking a while to clear up, but I’m sure

Paul Doffman is doing all he can to get it solved. I type well away from the right side of

the page so at least something is legible. Hope this helps.



Hi Madeitwithlove thanks for the response, at least we know they are on to it.


Hi Jgibb,

I’ll have to bring in a web developer this week to sort this out. I have no idea why it startedĀ happeningĀ all of a sudden!

Thanks for letting us know about it.

Kind regards

Paul Doffman

Customer Support



Hi Paul, many thanks for that. I suspect it is the gremlins….Julie

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