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asked February 10th 2020

Puffer fish sphere cake

Im having problems making a sphere cake for the Puffer Fish Tutorial. Im not sure what quantity I need to make for my 8 inch Sphere pans or how long t bake for. Ive tried my tried and tested chocolate cake recipe but this time it was very dense, heavy and not nice tasting so it ended in the bin, any suggestions would be useful


Hi NigelC

There is quite a lot of information on sphere cakes in this Q & A section. To see some answers, please type in the search box ‘sphere cakes’.

For your 8″ sphere, try using the quantities of an 8″ round cake, 4″ deep. Divide the batter between the two parts, filling each pan almost to the top. Bake at 140c fan oven for approximately 1 hour + depending on the recipe used. Madeira cake will probably take longer and so will some chocolate mud cakes. You will need to keep an eye and nose on the baking. don’t open the oven door for at least until two-thirds of the way through baking. Check the cakes without opening the oven door too wide. Close the door gently so as not to cause a draft into the cavity of the oven,

For recipes, look on the Cakeflix site baking section. Hope this helps. Your feedback would be most welcome. 🙂

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