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asked September 12th 2012

Purchasing an AIrbrush


I really really want to buy an airbrush but have got myself a little confuzzled as to what I should go for. I have looked at lots of different websites to try and do some research.

Can you recommend one?

Many thanks 🙂


I have an iwata one with ninja jet compressor i find it brilliant to use , very pricy though so it’s always worth checking ebay and the likes because sometimes you can pick them up slightly cheaper


I have a iwata one too which was not one of the more expensive as they can be really pricey but i’m really please with mine. I’m a novice but i find mine very easy to use and the results are brilliant. I got mine from the website Paul recommends on the blog link and the site explained quite a lot as i agree it is a little confusing.


I’ve got the CD30 airbrush kit, which Cassie Brown uses. I’m not experienced, but find it easy to use, with what I’ve tried so far. Costs just over £100

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