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asked January 24th 2013

putting jam on a sponge cake

This may sound like a silly question but I’ve found that when i sandwich a cake with jam and buttercream the jam always seeps into the sponge. what am I doing wrong please help


Hi Ninahashim

As jam warms up it liquifies a little, this is nothing to worry about it will keep the sponge nice and moist. If you want it to be a bit firmer keep it in the fridge until you need to use it. You can also put a very thin layer of butter cream on the sponge before putting the jam on. The butter cream will prevent the jam seeping into the sponge, you can then add the remaining butter cream and sandwich as normal. If the jam is seeping out from the side of the cake, make a dam by piping a round of butter cream before adding the jam, this will keep jam from spreading out of the cake. Hope this makes sense.


Thank you will have to try the layering with buttercream

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