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asked May 8th 2012

Quantities for covering sugar paste and gumpaste.

It would be extremely useful if Paul could give the quantity of sugar paste he uses when covering cakes, same goes for ganache, and when modelling quantities of gumpaste or fondant. Will these quantities be included in the future?


We have started to include ingredient and tools lists with each new design. There is a backlog of cakes that Paul has started to work through with the aim to get the information on just quickly as his schedule allows.  The list will sit below the video on the course lessons (see Cornelli design).

If you have a specific questions on a particular design let us know and we can make sure that this is given a priority.

Thanks for taking the time to raise the point we are grateful for the feedback.


Thank you for your answer David, should have looked at the tutorial before asking. I can see how brilliant the new system is and will be a huge help to everyone.

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