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asked February 24th 2020

Raspberry filling without buttercream

Hello, can you please advise me on filling a Victoria sponge with a home made raspberry filling. I want to fill with just this- no buttercream, as it is homemade will it be safe to eat after 4 days? I will be coating with buttercream then sugarpaste. Also is there a chance it may make the cake soggy? Thankyou.


Thankyou very much, I will be making it and filling the same day, so that’s great.


Hi Sandra

The raspberry filling will not make the sponge go soggy if it is a good thick consistency. How quickly it deteriorates depends on sugar content, cleanliness and sterilisation of containers. If all the correct methods have been followed, it should be fine for four days. Coating the cake with buttercream and sugar paste will seal in the jam and keep it protected.



You’re welcome Sandra. ?

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