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asked May 21st 2013

Ratios for 800g of ganache?!

Please be gentle with me! Could someone tell me how much cream & chocolate is needed to make 800g of ganache please?! I've never made it before and I'm rubbish at working out weights & measures :/


Hi Katrinah,

If you use 300ml cream and 600g chocolate, that should give you 900g ganache (always good to have a little extra!). The ratio is always 1 part cream to 2 parts chocolate if you're using dark chocolate, if it's white chocolate a 1 part cream to 3 parts chocolate is better.

If it helps, 300mls of cream is the same of 300g of cream, if you find it easier to measure that way. Just do it all on your scales.

Hope that helps!
JC x


That answer is really helpful but on the white ganache video it says 900 gm white chocolate and 400 gm cream.
With the measurements above it would be 1200 gm of white chocolate so I am confused now.



It's better to make white ganache 3 to 1 ratio because white ganache doesn't set up like the dark.
There's a quantites chart here which might help:

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