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asked September 23rd 2012

Re-freezing Ganache

Hi Everyone,

Can ganache be re-frozen once defrosted….I have defrosted and used some but have quite a bit left?



Hi Jgibb

I think it depends on how long you’ve had the ganache sitting out. I have refrozen without consequences or compromise but my ganache usually only sit out until I can scrap out what I want. I have started to portion out left overs into food bags, that way I can grab what I need. I don’t boil my cream, it may make a difference for ganache made with boiled cream.


Hi Madeitwithlove,

Thanks for that, think I will try to re-freeze and see what happens, the cream was just on boiling when added. I will let you know if it works…lol…food bag sizes sound a good idea for smaller portions. I think at this rate I will need a larger freezer, what with all the cakes frozen and now the ganache !!!!


It may be perfectly alright, but I get suspicious of anything which has cream or eggs in it, I’d hate to make anyone feel ill. To make life a little easier I have a storage box in which I keep the portion sizes, it keeps them in one place without mingling in with other foods and getting lost or taking on funny smells. Your results would be very useful for future reference. x


I too am very wary of dairy products, I will get it out later this week and taste it for myself first. If I come back on here it is okay…..lol….


Hi all
If food has been frozen and then defrosted it should not be frozen again, unless it has been cooked.

i would think the same applies to the ganache.
i would not like to risk it.



Hi jackie

I think with ganache you can refreeze it providng there is still ice in it, however, you are right, we shouldn’t really risk it hence the portion sizes now. x


Okay Ladies…am going to throw it away, it was not a lot and am not willing to take the chance. Funny thing is that I have an order for a cake and could have kept it in the fridge till today…ha ha sods law eh !

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