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asked February 20th 2022

Realistic Models


I am looking for a tutorial for a realistic looking emperor penguin, and baby penguin model. Any help woulf]d be great thanks.



Hi bellscakes

Apologies for the delay in reply. I searched for tutorials late last night and wasn't able to find sugar models. I did find a couple of tutorials on Youtube for clay models which can easily be modified for sugar. The shape of the penguin is fairly simple to create if you download a picture as a reference. For the Youtube videos, please peek at the following links:

Another way to make the model is by laying out a reference picture and forming the shape over it. Just follow the contours of the image until you are satisfied with the result. You'll need to make a reverse image to form two parts of the penguin in order to make a 3D model by sticking the pieces together. Then, it's a case of hand painting the colour details.

If you don't fancy hand making them, Katy Sue designs actually have silicone Emperor penguin moulds. Just google for them by name to see different suppliers. If you're paying a member of Cakeflix you'll get a 10% discount from The Cake Decorating company. The discount code can be found in your Cakelix account details. However, there are other suppliers which you may prefer.

Hope the suggestions help and I hope you have been keeping well 🙂 xx


Hi Madeitwithlove

Thansk very much for your help.I'll certainly look at these Youtube videos, they look fantastic. I'll also look at the cake decorating website. My little grandaughter absolutely adores penguins, hebnce the penguin request.

Thanks, I'm keeping well and hope that you are too! Fingers crossed we will eventually be able to live our lives on a more normal basis once Covid19 peters out.xx


You're welcome bellscakes. I hope you are able to make the models for your little granddaughter. It must be so wonderful to have grandchildren, a beautiful way to keep one's mind focused on the important things in life.

Hopefully, we can get back to some sort of normality. My hubby and I are beginning to enjoy our abandoned hobbies, albeit with extreme caution. I somehow feel it will never be the same again but we must stay positive. 🙂 xx


Hi madeitwithlove

Thanks very much, I'll certainly do my best to make the models for my grandaughter. Thanks, yes we feel very blessed to have grandchildren and they certainly keep us on our toes!

Hopefully we can begin to feel more confident about getting out and about again after havoc the pandemic has left in it's wake. I think your'e right though, life as we have known it likely won't be the same again. Then again, it may well do in time.

It's lovely to hear have both returned to your hobbies. It's so important to have an outlet particularly in these strange times, though caution in my view has to be the watchword!

Take care


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