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asked June 4th 2021

Recipe and fillings

Hello can you help me with a good foolproof recipe for the following cakes:
1.almond cake(which filling to use as well)
2.nutella cake
3.black forest
Can you plz advise on best filling for the following cakes:
Paul’s moist choco cake
White choc cake
Carrot cake
Are there anything i can do to bring magic to fillings of the above cakes.



There are thousands of recipes online which you might find suitable. I use a very simple recipe from Bertolli , which can be filled with an apricot buttercream. For the cake, take a peek here:


To make the apricot buttercream, purée some soft dried apricots and add to the buttercream. Add half a teaspoon of almond extract.

For Black Forest gateau, Mary Berry has a simple but very good recipe.


If the cake is kept refrigerated, it can be filled fresh dairy cream. However, if it will sit out for longer than two hours, you could fill it with a light chocolate ganache made with 1:1 ratio of cream to chocolate. Whip it up to a mousse consistency to make it light. It will only need whipping for a minute or two, no more.

I have never baked a Nutella cake but there will be many recipes online. Try and choose something uncomplicated. In my experience, the more complicated the recipe is, the likelihood of something going wrong increases.

For the carrot cake recipe please refer to Cakeflix baking tutorials here:


Paul’s moist chocolate cake can be paired Bailey’s cream liqueur, or any flavour or choice eg mint, orange, raspberry.

White chocolate cake can be paired with lemon or raspberry ganache made with 1:1 ratio cream to chocolate or with Lemon or raspberry Swiss buttercream. There are numerous recipes to choose from online.

As for bringing magic to the recipes to make them your own, experiment with different flavours until you make a signature recipe. 🙂

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