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asked October 21st 2019

Recipe Calculator Query

Hi, I’ve use the calculator a couple of times to adjust the size of a recipe I’ve found elsewhere. I must be doing something wrong but on both occasions I have ended up with a cake about half the depth I needed it to be. I need to use it again to scale up Nancy’s carrot cake to end up with a 10” round cake, 4 inches deep before filling. I’ll divide the mixture between 2 x10” tins. So just to double check I’m not being completely stupid, I need to select the following to fill 2 tins, each giving a 2” deep cake? Thank you.
Shape – Round
Diameter – 10“
Depth – 4”


Hi Julie
Yes your assumption is correct. It is always a good idea when making a 4” deep cake with filling, to bake in two 2” deep halves.
When using the calculator, it is important to check the data put in is correct. Make sure the depth of cake in the original recipe is the depth needed. Otherwise a factor for the depth should be put into the calculation.🙂

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