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asked August 5th 2019

Recipe for Wedding cake

Hi I’m making first 3 tier wedding cake vanilla and 1 lemon 10,8,6 which is best recipe to use and should I make 2 cakes for each tier or one and fill but worried it be very big thanks


Hi Jh50

Before you can go ahead with your cakes, it is important to find out how many servings are required. Sponge cakes at weddings are normally 1”x 2” pieces unless otherwise instructed by the bride. Modern cakes are a minimum 4” deep, although people seem to want taller and taller.

For really lovely uncomplicated wedding cake recipes , I can personally vouch for Jane Hornby’s wedding cake collection. To see the recipes search in google for Jane Hornby on the BBC food site.

For a serving sizes please take a peek here:

Cake Calculators

… and select the portions calculator to calculate the number of portions which will help you to determine how many cakes to bake. If you want taller cakes select the re-scaling calculator.

I’ll search and post the wedding cakes if you are unable to find it. Please let me know if you need me to look or if you need any other help.?


Hi thank you I will look for Jane Hornby ,only need for about 60-70people but is wanting 3 tiers my main thing is do bake as one cake or 2 for each tier ,if 2 do split recipe or x2 thanks


Hi Jh50

I think it will better to bake one 4″ cakes for each tier and split them into three layers and fill.

10 ” round cake will yield 39 portions cut 1″ x 2″
8″ round cake will yield 25 ” ” ”
6 ” ” ” 14 ” ” ”

Together this will give enough for 78 portions.

For the Jane Hornby recipes look here:

These recipes are scaled to 3″ deep. To re-calculate to 4″ deep use the site’s calculator here:

Cake Recipe Re-Calculator

Hope this helps. Post again if you need more information. 🙂


Thank you I will give it a trial run see how I get on ,also does anyone use sugar syrup if using Madeira thanks


Sugar syrup can be used with madeira cake to help the texture to be more moist. It adds another dimension of flavour if a vanilla pod is added while the syrup is boiled and left to steep overnight. Syrup can be made with a juice of your choice or infused with a favourite liqueur once it has cooled.

Don’t overdo the amount brushed on to each layer. The aim is to just moisten not to soak. ?


So do use it before or after freezing the cake as I needed to make the cake in advance, making vanilla Madeira (mrs Jones)bottom and a Jane Hornby lemon middle not sure on top yet thanks for your help


Apply the syrup after defrosting the cake and before filling. Sometimes syrup can crystalise if it’s frozen so it’s best to apply fresh.

For the top tier, how about a coconut flavour? Or perhaps chocolate sponge? Or perhaps even another citrus flavour. There are hundreds of flavours to choose, it just depends what your customer prefers.


Is it same amount of sugar to water please?


also can i use golden caster?


Hi elaine77

Yes, golden caster sugar can be used. It had a lovely flavour and will enhance any other flavours you choose to add. ?

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