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asked July 17th 2021

Reducing amount of sugar in Paul’s moist choco cake

Hi I would like to know if its possible to reduce the amount of sugar in Paul's mud choco cake.
If yes by how much



Please see this answer which was posted by another Cakeflix member in my feedback on this recipe. You can find this answer in thread 5 by member Michelle in the following feedback:

‘Paul’s moist chocolate cake’ My feed back

‘Hi there, I love this chocolate cake recipe but I always have a problem of sinking in the middle. Some people have suggested that the sugar content is too high and that is what makes the cake sink and make the top look like elephant skin. So the last time I baked, instead of using 600gm of sugar I reduced it to 450gms. The cake turned out perfect, no crusty top and no sinking. I think next time I try I will add an extra 50gms of sugar and see what happens. This was for a 10x8 cake. Hope this helps x‘