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asked July 3rd 2012

Reheating ganache

Hi 🙂

I made ganache using milk chocolate on the 23rd. I put it in the fridge overnight, and took it out in the morning. It was really firm, so I warmed it up over hot water, then put what I didn't use in the fridge.

Do you think it will be ok to use on a cake for this weekend??

Thank you 🙂


Yes. Once you have heated the cream it is chemically changed and once added to the chocolate becomes very stable. I have had chocolate ganache that I have kept (covered) on my counter top for over two weeks without a problem, and that was during summer in Australia! So having kept it in the fridge it will be fine.
If I have left over ganache, I freeze it in ziplock bags and get it out the night before so it has time to come to room temperature again, then microwave it until it's softened up again and use it straight away, without a problem.


Thanks a lot 🙂

Would you refreeze/refrigerate after you had heated it up?

Thats the part that worries me, that it's been hot, cold, hot then cold again :s


You can put the ganache back in the fridge, just remember to reheat it very gently each time you need it.  I reheat in 10 second bursts that way I know it won't overheat and split.


I did reaheating part without problems, and the rest put in the frigde. It can be reaheated again but slowly, every time, I prefer microwave. Did it twice and it was perfect. And the cake with ganache is more than tastefull


How would you reheat ganache without a microwave, in a bowl over a saucepan?


Hi Sue-Wales

Use the double boiler method. This is where a saucepan is filled with a small amount of water and brought to the boil then reduced to less than a simmer. The ganache bowl sits on the saucepan without it's bottom touching the water, it should also fit snuggly so the steam does not escape from the saucepan and enter the ganache. As the bowl warms up the ganache will begin to melt. Stir the ganache gently and carefully to evenly distribute heat throughout without incorporating too much air. Take the saucepan off the heat and allow the heat of the water to continue warming the bowl and ganache. Once the ganache reaches a working consistency remove from bowl from the saucepan taking care not to let any steam or water enter the mixture. Place the bowl on a warm tea towel to help it keep it's warmth while working. Repeat the process when the ganache needs to be softened again. This is a very careful proceedure where the ganache must be stirred gently but regularly to prevent it burning or splitting and also to prevent too much air being incorporated. It is possible to keep ganache at working consistency by placing it in the oven with the door ajar on the very lowest setting. The idea is just to keep the ganache warm and to prevent the chocolate setting. If you want to try this method please experiment first as I would not want you to spoil your ingredients.
If you google 'how to melt ganache on a double boiler' you can see video tutorials on exactly how to do it.
If your ganache splits and becomes oily there is a fix here:

Hope this helps. x


Hi can refrigerate whipped ganache can ne reheat and put im fridge then whisk again to make whipped ganache fluffy?


Hi sjeya376

If the ganache is continuously whisked it will become grainy and unusable. So take care to whisk gently and stop as soon as it comes together. I don't recommend doing it over and over again. Hope this helps. 🙂

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