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asked June 15th 2012

Removing Gloss From Flowerpaste Roses

Help!  I made some red roses from flowerpaste and once dried ran them through some steam to remove some white marks and I am left with  highly glossed roses, which I do not like.  I know that steaming sugarpaste gives a high gloss when still wet, but that usually dulls down a good bit when dry and I thought that flowerpaste would be the same.  Does anyone know how I can dull them down a bit?


Thanks for that MIWL.  It was something that I was thinking of trying but as it’s more like it’s been glazed I didn’t think it would work.  I will give it a try tomorrow though and let you know. Wish I’d just used alcohol !!  Although not as shiny now as it was earlier on, but still not happy with it.  Oh well, maybe I’ll go and have some alcohol now!


Hi Susan, Have your tried dusting with a mixture of petal dust of your colour and a little icing sugar? It might just calm the high gloss down and the icing sugar will give the roses a porcelain quality. It might be wise to try this on one rose first to see whether you like the result. I did this on a handbag, I found the finished result acceptable. Hope this helps.


Hi MIWL, I just dusted the flowers with petal dust and they were absolutely fine!


Hi Susan, sorry missed your last comment, I’m so glad your roses turned out ok. This will helps others in a similar situation, thank you for your feed back, much appreciated. x

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