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asked September 22nd 2021

Renshaw icing

Hi everyone, Iā€™m hoping someone can help. Renshaw have so many different fondants but I need to know which is the best to use for wedding cakes.
Thanking you all


Hi geraldinetumilty

As I understand it, Renshaws Premium or Extra icing are better for decorating cakes with multiple layers. The Extra behaves better during heat and humidity. There is also Rehshaw Professional, which is much softer, and sticker, therefore, may not be considered suitable for taller cakes because of its stretchy characteristic.

Please see a comment from David Brice on what Paul thinks of Renshaw Premium:

Which sugarpaste?

If you search on Squires’s Kitchen site by name of each Renshaw icings, they give a breakdown of the individual paste uses.

I found trying samples the best way of discovering what works for me. Most large cake decorating stores will supply samples to try out at a small cost. šŸ™‚


Definitely renshaws Extra not the normal renshaws


Thanks everyone for your comments, greatly appreciated

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