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asked June 23rd 2012

roses – cornelli lace video

please provide further instruction on the making of the roses in this video – way too quick –

are they made of modeling chocolate? Fondant/gumpaste? –

would love instruction on other flowers as well – carnations – hibiscus etc….


Hi WFlick, If you watch the Bride and Groom Rose Wedding Cake and the Rose Wedding Cake tutorial, Paul shows you how to make the roses. I watch several times and my first Rose that I made came out brilliantly. I had previously bought different types of rose cutter to make Roses, but Pauls way is much easier, quicker and brilliant. (Thinks you may also see how roses are made it beside the cupcake tutorial). Hope this helps.


There are lots of good (and bad) demos of roses on you tube.  I prefer using a 5 petal cutter as it speeds things up.


hi WFlick, on the Cornelli design I wanted to show a different way to make a rose. As Jayess suggests there are many ways to make roses and some quicker than others. I would use the quicker method for novelty cake designs where I create the petals using sugarpaste in the same way but instead of attaching to a cone lay then out then roll them into a bud then create the rose. Its definitely worth experimenting to find what works best for you.

Have just finished editing the Hydrangea which will be live on Thursday this week (28th June). Hope this helps. Px

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