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asked December 1st 2012

Round exploding cake

Can you tell me how to cut the cake as it has this polystyrene round on it. How would you remove it? And you also say that don’t cut bottom cake in half as it won’t be used. I don’t understand why you won’t use it. Sorry I was just a bit confused. I would appreciate any advise thank you


HI Airline 1

In the tutorial you will see Paul has two 8″ round cakes. He only needs one whole cake and half of the other because he is using a polyestyrene dummy cake to attach the wires on which the hearts are mounted. If he used both cakes it would be too tall. The dummy cake sits on it’s own board which is placed on top of the real cake. The board is stuck down with a little ganache or royal icing and is easily removed by sliding a warm knife under it. The dummy is removed before the real cake is served.

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