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asked October 3rd 2019

Rounded edges on fondant cut-outs decorating a cake

I recently saw a cake beautifully covered in lots of different sizes and shapes, white fondant cover and white fondant cut-outs attached to the cake. The cut-outs had lovely rounded edges, rather than the sharp edges you would get when using a cutter. Does anyone know how this look was achieved? I would like to copy the cake but I don’t know how to make the edges of my cut-outs so plump and rounded. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Penny


Hi Penny

To achieve a puffed edge look to your cutouts, roll the fondant out thicker than you would for flat cutouts. Cover the fondant with clingfilm and then cut over the top of it. Remove the cling from the cutout to reveal the rounded edges. Play about with the thickness of the fondant until you achieve the desired effect. I’ll try and find you a video tutorial and post back later.

EDIT: try here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YwxHaCtnD8


Thank you so much. I used your technique on a cake last weekend and although it took me a while to get the knack of it, eventually it worked perfectly. Thank you very much.


You are so very welcome Penny. I’m so pleased it has worked for you. 🙂

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