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asked September 13th 2021

Royal icing on a sponge based cake

Can anyone advise if its at all possible to royal ice a lemon Madeira sponge cake?
I have always been taught only fruit cakes for royal icing.i have a wedding cake for next May and my customer wants an 11” fruit cake for the base which will be marzipanned and royal iced, then lemon cake and then vanilla sponge on top. Is it possible to apply a thin fondant layer first and then royal ice? I wonder what did bakers do years ago before fondant ?


Hi busybee73

Madeira cake can definitely be royal iced. It is firm enough structurally and has a longer shelf life than a soft sponge cake.

First you will need to cover it with marzipan or a layer of fondant icing. Leave either of these mediums to rest between 24- 48 hours to dry and form a skin. After which, the cake can be iced.

Have a practice on a small sponge cake to build up your confidence ready for the real job in May. 🙂

Please post back if you need more information 🙂

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