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asked May 18th 2018

rum soaked fruit cake on 2nd tier.

I have a wedding coming up and the bride wanted the second tier (3 tier cake) to be a heavy rum soaked fruit cake. I have been hearing that you should not put this type of cake in the middle but at the bottom because it is heavy. Is this true? Am I risking a disaster wedding cake?

I plan on using dowels to support each tier along with a dowel inserted through all 3 tiers. Would this work?

She also wants the cake in royal icing with a fondant silhouette on all three tiers. Any tips?



As long as you use plenty of dowels in the bottom and middle tiers the cake will be fine. The dowels take the weight of the cake preventing a collapse.
Please follow Paul's dowelling method and use rigid cake boards and not the card types.

Please let me know if you need more information. 🙂



Thank you. I feel a lot better. I will check it out.


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