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asked April 26th 2022

Saracino Pasta Top

Hi there! Has anyone used Saracino Pasta Top please? I’d love to know what you think to it’s workability; ease to roll, not tear, make models, etc.

Also, it’s marketed as a paste that CAN be used to cover cakes that require refrigeration (I think due to the cacao butter in it?). Has anyone used it to cover refrigerated cakes please?
Thanks to all who can add some insight!
🤗🤗 xx


Hi cherylspenceruk

Saracino is a good brand but I haven't actually used Pasta Top. I find the modeling paste very easy to use, it sets well but still gives enough time to make little tweaks to models without getting brittle.
Hopefully, members who have used the covering paste will chip in with their experience. However, I can suggest, perhaps getting a sample to try for yourself from one of the online distributors. This way you can experience the paste without having to make a large financial layout. 🙂

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