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asked June 28th 2014

searching for an easy horse cake tutorial?

Hi all.. i'm attempting to find an easy to follow 3D horse cake tutorial.. i'm due to make a cake for my niece next week and would love to surprise her with a real looking horse cake.. if anybody has a link to share or can point me in the right direction, that would be super..

Thanks in advance xx


Hi jaymelee13

I too am searching for a realistic but easy standing horse tutorial with rider. I need mine for August and can't find one simple enough to follow. There are quite of few horse tutorials online so it really depends how realistic you want your horse to look. Just search in google and youtube 'fondant horse tutorial' to see what's available.
Other alternatives:

Make 2d horse cake
Make frozen tranfer of horse image directly on cake
Make your own mould if you can find a cheap horse ornament.
I've looked every where for a decent horse oranament in all the thrift shops and online and can't find one!

Hope some of the suggestions help. xx



Does Paul have any 3d horse head cake tutorial? Pls let me know ....


Hi mercystrickland

At present there isn't a 3D horse head tutorial, there is just the 2D cartoon horse which has been very popular with members. See it here: https://www.cakeflix.com/online-cake-decorating-courses/horse-cake

There are several tutorials online, to see them google '3D cake horse head tutorial'. I think Shawn McGreevy has a really good one.

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