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asked November 16th 2021

Semi-naked cake

What’s the best way to get nice even brown edges on cakes? I need to make a semi- naked cake and although my cakes are lovely, they aren’t smooth and golden around the edges. They won’t look good once crumb coated. I’ve tried absolutely everything!
I line the bottom of my tins o my and spray with pme spray.


Hi Tomandhen123

I get even golden brown edges all the time by just lightly greasing and lining the entire pan with parchment paper. This helps to protect the edges from over-browning.

I don’t use spray. Personally, I find it makes the edges over dark as the oil in the product can ‘fry’ the batter during baking.

If the edges do get a little too dark, I use a micro plane to very gently scrape off anything over dark.

Hope suggestion helps. 🙂

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