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asked March 8th 2020

Shelf life of a fondant decorated cake

Hi All.
Was wondering if you have a choc mud cake that is ganached and covered in fondant that need a lot of hours to decorated how you can make sure that the ganache is still ok for consumption?
I know that fondant hates being in the fridge, so feel like it is a catch 22?


Hi Jenny01

To extend the shelf life of the ganache, use a UHT cream or something like Elmslea with the highest fat content. It will give you a few extra days. There are other ways to add life to the ganache. Take a peek at my blog here:

The Shelf Life of Ganache – By madeitwithlove

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Fondant doesn't like the moisture in the fridge. However, if you double box the cake and completely wrap it thick plastic, it will prevent the moisture from getting into fondant. I know a lot of people who do this and find it works for them. The fondant Carmas Massa Tropica is formulated for humidity. It is claimed by some users of this product that it can be refrigerated.

Hope suggestions and links help. 🙂


Thank you so much for this info.
Would putting the cake in a large airtight container do the same job as the double boxing and wrapping in plastic?


No, I don't think it would do the same. The idea is to distance the cake as much as possible from the moisture by layering the protection. Simply placing it into an airtight container will not afford the same. Hope this makes sense.