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asked March 4th 2014

shelf life /storage

If you cover a cake with ganache one day, store refrigerated then put fondant on the following day how long before the customer shouldn't eat & how should they store as the rule of thumb with fondant is not to refrigerate it ?


Hi tizzyme

It really depends what cake it is underneath the fondant. Most sponge cakes are moist for five days, they still taste ok after that but don't have the same feel. Some Chocolate mud cakes can be good for ten days again depending on the recipe and madeira cake for two weeks. You don't have to keep a covered cake in the fridge as long as it doesn't contain fillings which perish rapidly like fresh cream or cream cheese. And yes rule of thumb is not to place a fondant covered cake in the fridge because of the moisture.


Thank you for the prompt reply 🙂 I was more concerned about the ganache rather than the cake itself as I tend to bake the heavy moist chocolate cakes rather than a sponge. I normally covered with traditional butter cream then fondant, but after seeing your enthusiasm for ganache it has got me thinking about using that instead. I t would last longer using UHT cream instead of fresh I was rather hoping for a guide line on the ganache itself


Ganache will be fine left out especially if you're using the UHT cream which has a longer self life than fresh cream.
If you add a table spoon of 40% proof alcohol to your ganache the shelf life will be extended. Something like Cointreau tastes wonderful, a lovely fine orange taste in the mouth! Reduce the cream by the amount you use. Once the ganache is made mix in room temperature alcohol gently until combined. The ganache may look split at first but it will come together. Cover it up with cling film, so it;s touching the ganache, expel any air out and leave to firm up.


thank you, I think that has given me the confidence to try it out

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