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asked August 10th 2021

Shop bought sugar paste

Im covering a cake with shop bought sugar paste, which I don’t want to crust or harden when on the cake. Is there anything I can add to the sugar paste to keep the soft texture while still looking good please?


Hi Shaar

All sugarpaste will eventually crust over once exposed to the air. Some have higher moisture content and will take longer to dry.

One such brand is Renshaws which stays very soft. However, it has also been known to create a few problems in hot humid weather because it can be too stretchy and difficult to cover.

If you wish to prevent sugarpaste crusting too quickly, try kneading a quarter of a teaspoon of glycerin into approximately 450g of sugarpaste. The glycerin will attract moisture from the air to keep the paste soft.

Another way is to keep sugarpaste enrobed cakes covered in plastic wrap until required.

Hope suggestions help 🙂


Thank you so much for your time and speedy reply. I shall be putting your solution to my query to the test within the next few weeks.

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