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asked June 21st 2021

Silver decoration on cake

Is it possible to upload a photo of a cake so as I have a specific query relating to it?. I am mindful of copyright etc and am unable to see any names etc on the photo.

Thanks for the kind support and advice I have received in the past when I have posted a query.

A brilliant forum.

Thank you



Hi clan

You could try copy and paste in the same way as copy and pasting a link. Try it and see if it works. Presumably it is an image which is on the Internet. If that’s the case, it should be possible to do it. Please let me know if this helps or if there is any other way I can help. 🙂



Hopefully this link will show the cake.

I am trying to create the beautiful silver tier. Do you think dusting the cake with a silver dust diluted with alcohol would create the colour and if so, what would I use to create the sparkle?

Thank you


Made it with love, the link I inserted doesn’t work.

I have tried to paste a screenshot in also, but again no success


Hi clan

I also tried to open it but doesn’t work. Can you describe the tier ? Where are you seeing this cake? I might be able to search for it myself.


I think it’s done by applying luster dust first to the cake with rejuvenating fluid and then dusted or sprayed with edible glitter.

There are several glitter products which can either be applied via spray or manually stuck on with edible glue. If you google glitter cake techniques, you’ll see the method and also the products. I’ve looked on the Cake decorating Company website for the products which are accompanied by a technique video. There are lots of tutorials on YouTube too.

So, I think the tier you have described is achieved by luster and glitter techniques. Fingers crossed! 🙂

For luster techniques take a peek in Cakeflix wedding cake library and see Faye Cahill’s luster dust cakes and Paul has also done similar. I really hope this is what you’re trying to describe to me. 🙂


I will make sure that there are a link / hyperlink added to the Q&A to help with questions like this.

If you scroll to the top and in the original question I have added a link to the cake image.

Hope this helps and thank you for your patience in working through the challenges.

Kind regards


Thank you David xx


David, thanks so much.
Such great support.

My query is what is the best way to recreate the silver colour and sparkle to the bottom tier of the cake. Is it to use silver dusts diluted with alcohol on white Irving or pale grey icing?

The shine is so pretty, are there silver sparkles attached.

Thank you for any advice on how I can replicate the silver/sparkle.


Hi clan

Thanks to David getting the image of the cake, I'm sure it is done using the technique I described in my edited answer above.

Key to achieving a silver effect, start by using or colouring your icing a light grey as the base colour. Then either lightly dust the covered cake with silver lustre dust or use the technique used by Faye Cahill and Paul. The cake can then be sprayed with edible glitter which comes in pump sprays. I will link the mentioned tutorials and also the mentioned spray below.

Fay Cahill shimmer cake:

Shimmering Lace Wedding

Paul Bradford Golden Damask cake:

Golden Damask Rose Wedding

Silver glitter spray:



The Cake Decorating company carries a similar product by Cake Lace.
Squires Kitchen has its own brand as does PME. There is plenty of brand choices so, you don't have to stick with my examples.

Other edible glitter products:



Hope suggestions help 🙂

ps. other tutorials can be found on Youtube by searching 'glitter cake technique'


Thanks Madeitwithlove, I will check out all the links.