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asked September 15th 2012

Sizing up a recipe.

Can someone tell me what the correct formula is for sizing up or down a cake recipe for different sized tins. I have read about two methods, one is to add or reduce by 25% per inch and the other works on a 3rd ratio.
For example with 25% an 8inch cake recipe scaled up to 10 inches you would add 50% extra for each ingredients. The 30% version you would add 60% more for each ingredients.
I know there is not much in it but the larger you go the greater the extra ingredients. Also how do you calculate the extra cooking time?
Many thanks.


Hi Barrie
There is a section in Blog called What size of tin to use and from that you can scale your recipe up or down.

Good Luck.


Thanks Jackie. Is this the correct way then to size up or down? Should I forget the other formula?
Do you know how to workout how to bake a cake recipe if you use a larger tin than your normal recipe. Do you think adding 10 to 15 minutes baking time would be about right ?

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