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asked November 29th 2020

Smaller cake baking times

I searched for the answer here before asking. I have a recipe for a 8″ Fruit Cake to be baked at 140C for 3.5-4hrs.
I would like to use the same recipe but baked in 6″ tins. Would should I alter baking times/temp please? Thank you.

Very much looking forward for your help.


Hi Cin TaMaNis

How long any fruit cake is baked depends on the recipe and type of oven. If it is a rich fruit cake, packed with fruit, it will require a long bake at a lower temperature to prevent the fruit from burning. A light fruit cake takes a much reduced time.
Generally, fan ovens tend to bake quicker, and hotter. It may be necessary to make a heat reduction by 20 degrees or by the advice given in the oven manufacturer’s manual.

Personally, I would not bake an 8″ rich fruit cake at 140c at the time indicated. However, if you’re using a fan-forced oven, reduce it down by 20 degrees and bake the 6-inch cake for approx 1hr 40 – 2hrs or 2 hrs – 2.5 hrs for a conventional oven. Let your eyes and nose be your best friends by keeping a check on the baking.

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