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asked September 20th 2012

Stacked cake

Is it possible to stack a 3 tier cake without putting royal icing under the board so I can mark where the decorations are going (doing drapes) then unstack and put the drapes on each tier so I can re stack at venue.
It’s going to be really heavy and getting a bit worried about transporting it stacked.
Has anyone done this?


Hi jb1958

It’s not a very good idea to stack cakes without securing them. You could have them doweled and since you are going to be decorating the drapes at the venue it may be easier to transport them as single cakes in individual boxes. That way they’ll be safe and you can set up and decorate at the venue as you’ve already planned. I hope I’ve understood your question correctly and my suggestion is of some help.x


Won’t have time to do the drapes at the venue as I’m also attending the wedding. They are dowelled ready for stacking. I was thinking of stacking the cakes at home so I could mark where to place the drapes (and make sure it looks ok, level and doesn’t collapse). Then I thought about unstacking them and making and putting on the drapes on each tier separately. When I get to the venue with the three cakes I would then stack them securing each tier with royal icing and lining up the drapes.

It was really to know if it’s possible to unstack them


I did a wedding cake last year with drapes and flowers sweeping down. I still kept the decorated cakes as individuals and stacked at the venue. Each of my drapes and flowers ended at the board, but once stacked, flowed as intended.
I think you’ll be creating a lot of work for yourself by stacking and unstacking, plus there is the possibility of damaging the cakes. Which ever way you do it, take a repair kit in case of accidents. (sorry I miss read you question earlier.) x

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