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asked June 28th 2012

Stacking cakes

Hi, I have watched the box explosion cake tutorial where Paul appears to stack the cakes by lifting the covered top tier off its cake board and sitting it directly on the dowelled bottom tier. Is there another small cake board under the top tier that I have missed? (quite possible as PC was playing up!) Otherwise is there not a risk that both cakes could collapse by sliding down the dowels? I hope this makes sense?

Also, when Paul was cutting down the yoghurt pot I was thinking that those little medicine cups you get with cough syrup etc would be ideal for the job and not leave the sharp edge!

Thanks so much for the tutorials Paul, I have picked up so many useful tips!


Hi Doodlecake,

Yes there’s a thin card under the cake we put it there before we decorate the cake, the cup idea is a good one I’m sure most people have a small medicine cup lying around. Px


Is there a thin card under the tiers of the wedding cakes too?  Because Paul uses dummies in the tutorials he just says its the same for the next two tiers but do I put extra long dowels in to go through both tiers or do I use thin card underneath?


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