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asked April 23rd 2013

stacking fruit wedding cak

Hi Paul. Just made a 3 tier fruit cake and I was wondering if I should use dowls in each tier before stacking it. Its quite a rich cake and I will be using about half an inch of almond paste under the fondent, Its my first 3 tier fruit cake to make so I could really do with some advice on this one. My decorations are inspired by yourself from watching all ur fantastic tutorials. Love them all so thanks a million for that. Look forward to watchng them every week. Hope to hear from u soon. Thanks a million. (;


Hi mincho

I always dowel each tier, some people do just stack fruit cakes because the density should be able to support the weight. I'd sooner stick a few dowels in rather than risk the icing buckling or cracking. If you follow the tutorials on stacking cakes you won't go far wrong. I'm sure other members will share their method of stacking fruit cake. x


Thanks a mill for prompt answer. That's a great help. Ill take ur advice on that. Sent u a picture when it's finished. Fingers crossed. Have a great day.


I am making a four tier wedding cake. Bottom tier fruit and the others mixture of different flavours. I am told I have to use wooden dowels for the fruit layer. Also do I need to place a complete dowel through all the layers to safeguard transportation.
Can I put a dummy cake in the middle of the other tiers?
Your advice would be appreciated.


Hi Blueberry

Wooden dowels are ok to use if they are strong round type. The barbeque type are not really strong enough. Some wooden dowels can leave a taste and the possibility of leaving splinters. Paul uses a variety of dowels but in the main he has shown preferrence for the plastic type, which are altogether cleaner.

Styrofoam dummies can be used in between tiers, however you will still need to dowel in the same way as the rest of the tiers. The only time the dummy does not require dowelling is, if it is used a platform for the top tier. In this case, the small top tier can be placed on the dummy, stuck down with a little royal icing as glue. All tiers beneath must be dowelled to prevent the stack collasping. All cakes and dummies must be on their own cake boards.

If you donot have experience in travelling stacked cakes, you may find it easier to take them separately or stacked two at a time then assembled at the venue. Alternatively, for peace of mind, use a simple stacking system such as Sturdy cakestackers as seen here: http://www.sturdycakestackers.com/

Boxes for stacked cakes can be purpchased online from various suppliers. Here are a couple:

Hope the information helps.

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