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asked June 10th 2019

Stacking large cake tiers

Wanted to know if my cake will be supported enough. I’ve made a 10” cake tier ( 3 x 2” layers, which will be split and filled to make 6).
My top tier will be 4x 8” layers and split and filled to make 8 layers. I’m only covering in textured butter cream and not ganache. If I dowel sponges well, will they be ok? I’m worried top tier will be too heavy?
I’ve baked my normal Victoria sponge and added 10% extra flour. Also, how many dowels shall I use?


Hi Tomandhen123

I can understand that you are apprehensive after what happened with your last project. However, the top tier will be just fine as long as you dowel well. Follow Paul's stacking double barrel cake tutorial here:

Covering a Double Barrelled Cake

and his stacking cakes tutorials here:

Stacking Cakes

... and just to refresh, here is my last answer to you on your previous post here:

Cake leaning

You could also use a centre dowel if you feel the top tier will be more secure. That will require drilling through the centres of each card.

Good luck! hope all goes well. X 🙂


Ok thank you for your advice. Xx


I think I’m nervous after last time and cakes don’t have as much support when only covered in buttercream and no icing x


Did you consider the Sturdy Cake Stacker system? It might give you a little more confidence. The cost of the system can be incorporated into the cost of the cake. Have a peek:

Sturdy Cake Stackers

You could make a central support system yourself by using Paul's tutorials on centre dowel here:

Dragon Reveal

When you fill the cakes and stack them, chill them very well to help the buttercream to set up hard. This will prevent any movement when delivering. Using royal icing, icing sugar will crust buttercream better than normal icing sugar as it contains meringue powder. Most large supermarkets will stock it in their baking aisle. It looks like this:
Half and half of each type of icing sugar should be enough to make it more sturdy.
The cakes will come to room temperature at the venue and will be soft and moist for serving.

Hope suggestions help. It took me a while to get my confidence back after my carousel cake disaster so I do understand. 🙂 X