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asked March 2nd 2019

Steam or confectioners glaze?

So I'm new to making flowers and getting a bit confused! I'm making some shamrock by wiring up heart shaped leaves. I've seen on some tutorials here that Paul and other tutors dip their flowers and leaves in confectioners glaze. Is this better than steaming them? And is there a recipe for the glaze, I can't seem to find it? Thanks in advance x


Hi Bridget

If you're just doing a few leaves it's easier to steam them. It's nice and easy yet still produces a nice shine. You've seen the tutorials so you'll be aware of how to steam. If you'd like a really high gloss you could use confectioners glaze. To make the solution for the glaze take a peek at Robert Haynes' lesson 2 tutorial here:

Japanese maple

and also Paul's gorgeous silver chevron tutorial lesson 17 here:

Chevron Silver Leaf Wedding Cake

Confectioner glaze can also be purchased from many online cake decorating stores, google it by name or take a peek here:

Hope this helps. If you need more information, please just post back. 🙂


Thanks so much madeitwithlove. If Paul fancies doing a shamrock tutorial asap i would be very grateful ? xx


I guess you could write into the site and make a pretty please request ?. Paul and David are always open to tutorial suggestions, you never know your luck ! ?


Fingers crossed, I just sent a grovelling pretty please message ? xx


XXXX Good luck. ??