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asked September 1st 2012



I want to try Stencilling on a cake sides but using trex and lustre dust method.  Could anyone advise on best method/way to achieve this? Must I do it then attach to cake or can I do it on fondant once on the cue ? Thank you


Hi cake day dreamer

I’ve seen this done although not tried it myself. First rub some trex into your hands in the same

way as you would hand cream. Rub your hands over the sides of the cake leaving a thin coat of


trex over the fondant. Make sure all the areas you intend to lustre are covered with the trex.

Apply a thin coat of trex to the stencil so it doesn’t stick to the fondant. Place the stencil to

the side of the cake and secure boyh sides  with a dress makers pin (the type which has the coloured heads),

leaving your hands free to start your lustring. Start with small amounts of lustre on a soft brush

begin to fill in the cut out spaces in the stencil. Gradually build up the colour until you are happy

with the shade. When it’s done, support the stencil with one hand, being careful not to smudge

your hard work, and remove the pins with the other. Carefully peel the stencil away to reveal the

pattern. My advice would be to practice on a dummy cake until you get the technique. Different

colour lustres can be used on the same stencil to achieve a colourful design.


Sorry cake day dreamer, my text is all over the place, hope you can read the above answer ok.


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