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asked July 13th 2012

Storing ganache cakes

I’ve just used White choc ganache instead of butter cream to cover a cake. As it is fresh cream should the cake now be stored in the fridge and if so will this affect the fondant icing?


I never place a Fondant iced cake in a fridge. It sweats ! Before I put the fondant over, I ice it with a ganache  that after being cooled will set hard which gives a very nice finish to the cake after the fondant is placed over it. By using the ganache, the cake is completely sealed with it and also with the Fondant and lasts a few days completely fresh. The ganache is hard outside which allows me to brush with a syrup before I apply the fondant, but when you cut the cake, it is soft enough and compliments the flavour of any cake, even fruit cake as many people do not like marzipan.


I Never store a cake in the fridge with fondant icing. For me the icing sweats, goes sticky and I get air bubbles from the temp change. It’s totally fine just sitting on a work top. The sugar in the icing and chocolate acts as a preserve and the cream has been boiled so it will be fine.


I would just sit it some where like a utility room or hallway, away from radiators, oven, washers etc. the chocolate should seal in the sponge to keep it fresh 🙂

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