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asked October 23rd 2012

Storing moist chocolate cake in fridge

Has anyone baked this cake and stored it in fridge for 5 days?
I was going to bake it today and cut the cake this Saturday for my son’s 1st birthday however I am a bit worried that it will not taste well.

Help is much appreciated.



I baked the cakes as an eight inch and a six inch (used left over mix in cupcakes) we ate the small one fresh and I froze the larger cake and brought it out to decorate for my husbands birthday – it was in the fridge between the two coats of ganche and the sugarpaste. Both cakes and the cupcakes were delicious if fact two of the cup cakes were forgotten for a week but were still edible when discovered.


Thanks a lot Marjorie. In fact I baked an 11 inch and a 7 inch, stored them in fridge for 3 days and they were both delicious. I covered them in ganache too.

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